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Naruto Park, Naruto-cho,
Naruto-shi, Tokushima 772-0053

Floor Plan

The exhibitions at the Otsuka Museum of Art are divided into time periods and themes.
Once you move up from B3F to the upper floors, time progresses from the Antiquity to the 20th Century .
This will serve you to find your favorite time periods and themes.

    [OTSUKA MUSEUM OF ART exhibition list of works](594KB)

Antiquity –The Middle Ages (B3F)

Antiquity –The Middle Ages (B3F)
The first floor from the main entrance is where the exhibition starts. There are 9 exhibitions which consist of Historical Reconstruction and works of Antiquities to the Middle Ages. There are also facilities such as the Museum Shop and information counter, where audio guide players and wheel chairs are rented and returned.
 Examples of Exhibitions
Antiquity – The Middle Ages(B3F)
Historical Reconstruction
The Sistine Chapel Ceiling
The Sistine Chapel Wall
Historical Development/Antiquity
Villa dei Misteri
Lion Hunting
Alexander Mosaic
Baker and his wife
Historical Development/The Middle Ages
Emperor Justinian and His Attendants
St.Francis of Assisi Preaching to the Birds
Vermeer's Room

Renaissance – Baroque (B2F)

Renaissance – Baroque (B2F)
The exhibition consists of the outdoor Monet’s ″Water Lilies″ and works from the Renaissance to Baroque period. The best place to enjoy Monet’s ″Water Lilies″ is Café De Giverny.
 Examples of Exhibitions
Renaissance – Baroque (B2F)
Historical Development/Renaissance
The Annunciation
The School of Athens
The Birth of Venus
The Last Supper
(before and after the latest restoration)
Mona Lisa
Historical Development/Baroque Night Watch
Night Watch
Las Meninas
Raising of the Cross

Baroque – Modern (B1F)

Baroque – Modern (B1F)
This section consists of "The House of Goya" Exhibition and works from the Baroque to Modern (Impressionists) period.
 Examples of Exhibitions
Baroque - Modern (B1F)
Historical Development/Baroque
The Clothed Maja
The Naked Maja
Historical Development/Modern
Ball at the Moulin de la Galette,Montmartre
Young Piper
Coronation of Napoleon I and Josephine
The Scream

20th Century & Thematic Section (1F)

20th Century & Thematic Section (1F)
The aboveground floors that looked out to the garden are separated into blocks 1 and 2 housing the exhibitions, and an annex housing the restaurant. 20th Century works can be viewed in block 1, while the Studiolo and Thematic section can be viewed in block 2. The 1st Floor Entrance connecting to the walkway to the Naruto Park is located in this building.
 Examples of Exhibitions
20th Century & Thematic Section(1F)
Historical Development/20th Century
Stepping Out
Thematic Section
Staircase Group
Studiolo of Federico de Montefeltro

20th Century & Thematic Section (2F)

20th Century & Thematic Section (2F)
The second floor is divided into two blocks. 20th Century works are displayed in block 1 and thematic section is in block 2.
 Examples of Exhibitions
20th Century & Thematic Section (2F)
Historical Development/20th Century
Woman sitting at the window
Servant Girl
Portrait of Mlle Chanel
Thematic Section
Potato Eater
Self-Portraits of Rembrandt
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