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Naruto Park, Naruto-cho,
Naruto-shi, Tokushima 772-0053




Can we re-enter the museum?
Only within the same day.  When you exit the museum, please ask a staff member for the proper re-entry procedure.
Can we put our bags in a coin-operated locker while appreciating the art in the museum?
There are coin-operated lockers near the Information Desk of the 3rd Floor Basement. (Use a 100 yen coin, which will be refunded after use)
Main Entrance
Size Depth x Width x Height (cm)      Numbers of Units  
Big (Rectangular)   48 x 42 x 82cm 29
B3F (near the Information Desk)
Size Depth x Width x Height (cm) 
Numbers of Units
Small 42 x 42 x 32cm 74
Medium 45 x 42 x 40cm 64
Big (Rectangular) 48 x 42 x 82cm 72
Big (Square)  57 x 60 x 60cm 3
Can we borrow wheelchairs and baby strollers?
There are 25 wheelchairs and 21 baby strollers available for guests to use.  Go to the Information Desk of the 3rd Floor Basement or the Museum Shop.  There is an age limitation for children’s use of baby strollers, so please ask.  When it is expected to be crowded, such as on holidays, please make reservations beforehand.
Can we enter and see the artworks in a wheelchair?
Yes, there is sufficient space in the building.  There are also toilets available for guests in wheelchairs.  However, there is a long escalator at our front entrance, so we ask guests in wheelchairs to go to the “Special Entrance”.  Our staff members will give you an explanation, so please show your ticket at the front entrance first.  For details, please ask our staff members directly.
Are there any pre-ordered or discount tickets?
The museum sells pre-ordered tickets (valid from the following day of purchase).  You can also buy pre-ordered tickets from ticket machines at convenience stores all over Japan, in front of JR Tokushima Station, Koyama Jogakukan (Main Store), Naruto City and Naruto Tourist Information Center, and Fuji Grand Kitajima in the town of Kitajima.
How long shall I plan to tour the museum?
There is no general time.  For visitors to see all of the approximately 1,000 works, they will walk for about 4 kilometers.  Go at your own pace.
Can we watch the eddies of Naruto near the museum?
Getting to “Uzu-no-michi” (the Road of Whirling Waves) where you can watch the eddies from a spot established on Oo-Naruto Bridge, takes about 25 minute by foot on the “Shikoku-no-michi” path.  To ride the small whirling wave observation ship, “Uzushio Kisen,” walk about 5 minutes.  Getting to the big observation ship, “Naruto Kanko Kisen,” takes about 5 minutes by car.
Can we take photographs?
Yes, you can.  However, please do not take photographs with an electric flash or with fixtures such as tripods.
※ It is strictly prohibited to take photos only of artworks and/or using your photographs for commercial use.
Are there taxis nearby?
Taxis are not regularly stationed.  If you need one, please make a free of charge call for a taxi from the pay phone.  It will arrive in 10 to 15 minutes.  If you plan to take a taxi at a certain time and are in hurry, we recommend you reserve one beforehand.
Can I bring my own lunch?
In principle, we ask you not to.  Please use the restaurants and café in the museum.
Can small children go into the museum?
One protector (adult) can accompany as many as 6 pre-school age children.  The museum area is big, so please do not let the children out of your sight.  If a mother needs to breastfeed her baby, please ask our staff.
Can I enter the museum with my pet?
Pets are not allowed in the museum.  We don’t have any facilities to temporarily hold them either.
Can I use my credit card for payment?
Credit card payment is possible at the ticket booth at the front gate, Restaurant GARDEN on the 1st floor, Café do Giverny at the 2nd floor basement, and the Museum Shop at the 3rd floor basement.
The following cards are accepted: VISA, JCB, MASTER, American Express, Diners Club,China UnionPay
Are there any ATM machines in the building?
There is 1 (one) ATM for overseas issued cash card in cooperation with Awa Bank and Seven Bank.
・ATM Location: At the entrance hall, 3rd floor basement of the Otsuka Museum of Art.
・Availability: Days that the Otsuka Museum of Art is open
・Hours: 9:30 ~ 17:00 (Same as the open hours of the museum)
・Usable cards, handling functions and handling fees are the same as the Seven Bank ATM you see at Seven Eleven.  If you use an Awa Bank cash card, the withdrawal handling fee is free on weekdays.
・The ATM enables you to withdraw Japanese yen with designated credit cards and cash cards issued in overseas countries.
[Usable cards issued in overseas countries: VISA (including PLUS), Master Card (including Maestro and Cirrus), China Union Pay, American Express, JCB, Discover, Diners Club
・One cannot enter the museum just for the purpose of using the ATM machine.
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